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Vision --------- Shri Shyam College Chandwaji was started with the vision “Strong Careers Arise from Strong Institution”. To be an education institute of repute dedicated to academic excellence to reinforce the cause of youth empowerment through need based values, socially responsive and career oriented teaching learning in a global context. This vision is carried out by the faculty and staff of the college through artistry and engagement. Mission ---------- • Our mission is dedicated to the creation and transmission of new knowledge. • To provide rich education experience to students, relevant to the present time and mould them into conscientious citizens and agents of social transformations. • To facilitate young adult learners with opportunities of home with ethics and leadership potential. • To sensitize learners towards inclusive social concerns, human rights, gender and environmental issues. • Learning outcomes are continually reassessed in response to disciplinary standards the evolution of technology and industry expectations and the need of the time. Objectives -------------- • The College has focused on the overall development of the students personality through proper education and exposure through the numerous academic and co-curricular activities organized in the college, student develop leadership skill, team spirit communication skill and collective responsibility. • To make them psychologically stronger, morally upright and academically competent in order to meet the demand of society. • To enable them to lead a safe, secured, respectable and dignified life by making them financially and socially independent. • Managing and reviewing college resources effectively and efficiently to meet the needs of the students and staff in order to meet global and national demands. • To help student in developing and maximizing their creative problem solving. • To develop relationships between candidates, alumni and the community. Core Values ----------------- Shri Shyam College Chandwaji shall exhibit: • Team Work • Moral and Ethical values • Mutual Trust and Respect • Honesty and Integrity • Dignity of Labour